The world's population is growing at a fast rate, and there is an acute increase in the demand for food. Even at this stage, GM foods ensure to meet all the food needs. This technique makes the crops pest resistant, disease resistant, cold tolerant, herbicide tolerant, and drought tolerant/salinity tolerant. Also, in several countries people rely on just one crop, which becomes the staple crop of the region, like rice in India. Now rice is genetically engineered to contain additional vitamins and minerals ion order to alleviate nutrient deficiencies. For example, it is very common that people develop blindness due to lack of vitamin A, keeping this in mind researchers developed the "golden rice," containing an unusually high content of beta-carotene (vitamin A). During the growth of plants and trees, the main problem that remains is of soil and water pollution. Many popular trees are being genetically engineered to clean up heavy metal pollution from contaminated soil. So it is very much necessary to develop these kind of crops to fulfill food scarcity

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Mukesh Thakur
3/5/2011 18:44:53

naam to suna hi hoga


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